Unsustainable practice of salvage logging confirmed

Unsustainable practice of logging confirmed

Recently, an article centered on salvage logging and its impact on forests came through in an email. The most astonishing finding is that private logging companies are subsidized for salvage logging activities. Why? Because salvage logging isn’t profitable. If this is broken down correctly, we are taking tax money from people and paying companies to take out logs that would otherwise be unprofitable in forests that are deemed forever wild.

The writer of the article developed and analyzed 23 case studies to see if salvage logging was a normal practice in all parts of the world. Of those 23 cases, 21 had evidence of salvage logging. Even more mind-blowing is that 13 out of the 19 forests that were logged in Europe and Asia were protected forests. These areas throughout Europe were intended to be left to the mercy of nature. Talk about the perfect set-up for ecological research.

The bigger problem is that we, as humans, are completely incapable of leaving things alone. Why can’t these unprofitable forests be left as is? Every little thing we do has the potential to have a devastating effect on the survival of any species. Removal of those logs is disrupting animal shelters, food, soil stabilizations.. the list is endless!

Anyone who has been observing society has seen its back-walking on advancement and technology. Making tasks easier is one thing, fully automating everything is another. When we are in control of our basic survival needs, we decrease the chance of becoming sick from exposure to modified foods and harmful chemicals. Our ancestors lived the homesteading life before that was even it’s given name. They were on to something! More and more people are retreating to the outskirts of suburbs for many reasons and that move is beneficial to the health of our environment.

So many more programs could be put in place with the money saved from ending the subsidies to private logging companies. If only people would think before they act!

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