Promo’s for March were hand selected for their sustainability while still maintaining a small business. Life can be beautiful and eco-conscious.

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Earth Girl Designs is a woman-owned business located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. All of her handmade designs are intentional and beautiful. Her Adirondack Blue Line necklace is my personal favorite and is featured in our shop.

Adirondack Blue Line

Matyr Boomie began in 2006 by Ruchi and Manich who were inspired to help bring their native India out of poverty. By working with local artisans in India, they were able to develop high quality ethical and sustainable products. In 2018 they were awarded the People & Planet Award from Green America. A few of their items are featured in our shop.

If you’re looking for a feel-good product, look no further than 4Ocean. After finding a display in Cape Cod, I was on a mission to learn more. This company uses the purchase of each bracelet they design to pay fisher’s to fish for garbage. The idea is to lesson the impact on fish species in the oceans while still providing fisherman with an income. Each bracelet is made from recycled glass and water bottles. The purchase of one is represents a pound of garbage taken from the ocean. What makes this company even more awesome is how they design each bracelet. A different species is represented each month through colors and designs as a way to bring attention to our oceans plants and animals. March 2019 is Orca month so grab yours before its gone!

Orca bracelet from 4Ocean

For all you moms out there, this one’s for you! You’ll no longer have to wonder what to do with all of those broken crayons you find under beds, in the couch… or if you’re like me, in your shoe! The Crayon Initiative has a heartfelt mission to recycle used crayons and give them to children in hospitals. All you have to do is mail them your crayons! I am so thrilled to have found them. Please take a look at what they do. It costs you nothing and you have the potential to make a difference in a kids life!

Irish artisan Gillian Corcoran has made me become quite a fangirl! She uses environmentally friendly resins to create pressed flower jewelry and accessories that are to die for! Each one is unique and created with items she forages for. The Lost Forest spring collection will be available at the beginning of March. Follow The Lost Forest on Instagram and you’ll be mesmerized for hours!

Fearfully and Wonderfully made Jewelry is a brand I found by accident on Etsy. I was looking for a piece of jewelry that incorporated antlers for my wedding this past September and this company caught my eye. I purchased the set pictured below and I love it! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of her new necklaces!

Antler Bangle Bracelet
March Promo's of the Month - Primrose Creations