Flowers in Bloom: April

It may be too late to plant April bloomers, but it’s not too late to enjoy them! Depending on where you are in the world, native flowers are coming out in full force. As April comes and goes, colors in our surroundings come to life!

North America has a ton of native flowers. Many are intentionally grown for personal cut-flower gardens as well as flower farmers.

Most spring flowers are perennials in North America. If investing time and finances into planting in high-tunnels isn’t attainable, cooler zones can benefit from these perennials.

All of these perennials are hardy through Zone 3 with the exception of Twinleaf. This variety is only considered a perennial through Zone 5.

Across the pond in Europe and Asia, the most exotic and sought-after flower varieties make themselves at home. Fun Fact(s): Tulips originated from Turkey and Daffodils are from Spain!

As these April flowers start to fade, another round of blooms takes their place. Take a moment and enjoy the earth’s creations.

As April comes and goes, colors in our surroundings come to life. Flowers in bloom during the month of May announce springs arrival. Read more to see what’s blooming now!