About Me

Welcome! My name is Christina Malinoski and this is an introduction to the creative and environmentally aware mind that I’ve decided to run with. I’ve been going back and forth debating what direction I wanted to take in life that fulfilled my wildest dreams yet allowed me to give back to all of you!

As a mom to three girls, a new homeowner, a long time editorial writer, and holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, it just felt natural to harness my love for flowers and science. My hope is that the content developed will instill confidence in those who may feel overwhelmed with starting a farm of their own or unsure of how to get greater community engagement within your business.  My goal is to fill your minds will little tidbits of information normal people don’t think about (I’m full of all sorts of fun facts!), and just inspire others to find their creativity.

Join me for this adventure, I promise not to let you down. There’s so much to explore!